Pediatric Dentistry

“What Is A Pediatric Dentist?
After finishing dental school, some dentists continue their education into a Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program. They get special training and gain extensive knowledge  treating infants through adolescents. Each stage of childhood from infant, toddler, pre-teens and teens require different approaches in behavior, guiding dental growth and development.  Using their expertise in childhood development & behavior a pediatric dentist is better equipped to treat this population.

A Pediatric dentist loves working with children, a pediatric dental office staff is also trained in creating a kid friendly environment that is conducive and non threatening to a child.  The pediatric dental office is designed with kids in mind, decorations, activities all help in providing a friendly and comfortable environment for children and families. Keeping the non-treated siblings engaged helps takes the stress of parents who can focus on getting involved with child’s treatment.

Here is a video from American Academy of Pediatric Dentists: